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Recognised as a market leader for standby power solutions

Since its foundation in 1979, PB Design has worked ceaselessly to develop and bring to the market a full range of battery chargers, UPS, batteries and system services for all types of AC and DC standby applications.


Recognised as a market leader for standby power solutions

The Introduction of "lean" principles and techniques has enabled an ethos of continous improvement and adding value to our products and services.

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Our total commitment to customer care is reflected in an enviable level of repeat business from an ever-expanding customer base.

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We have successfully completed many projects in a wide range of applications and environments.

They all required our specialist electrical engineering skills and effective project management, along with high standards in quality, safety and environmental processes.

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Clevedon School students helped by PB funding

6 Jul 2018


Due to the generous donation received from PB Design we have been able to do the following:


Take 14 year 8 girls and 1 year 10 girl to see The Ada Show ( at The Red Maids’ High School in Bristol. This show is about the story of Ada Lovelace in an interactive show which is a one-woman show. The actress playing Ada Lovelace wears a dress that is covered in array of thousands of LEDs used as a display and gloves which she uses to control sound and light for the show.

The show began with the actress wearing just a t-shirt and leggings but with a laptop strapped behind her. She then got dressed into her interactive-Victorian costume in front of us while describing both the high-tech dress and the fashion imposed on Victorian women. Once dressed she acted out the life of Ada Lovelace, explaining her work with Charles Babbage and how she wrote the world’s first computer program.

The show was very much enjoyed by all the girls who attended. When asked for comments they said:

“It was a really interesting show, I learnt facts about the amazing dress and about living in Victorian times as a woman as well as about Ada Lovelace.”

“I thought it was great how the actress changed her voice to represent the different characters.”
“We really enjoyed it and learnt lots about Ada Lovelace and her struggles during her life.”

“It was brilliant seeing the actress getting into that fantastic dress and how she had to be wired into all the equipment needed to make it work.”

Run a sixth-form visit to Bletchley Park home of the war effort to crack the Enigma and Lorenz codes. This was a one-day visit which allowed year 12 to gain a valuable insight into the wartime efforts of Alan Turing and his colleagues who cracked the Enigma code used by the Germans, Italians and Japenese (each with their own variants) to encrypt their military communications.

The visit allowed us to see the buildings (mainly the huts) where the decryption work took place, learn about the secrecy with which the work was carried out and gain an insight into what life must have been like for those who worked at Bletchley Park. We watched videos, listened to audio recordings of those who worked at BP and read masses of information boards about the way the whole process worked. We also saw plenty of enigma machine and found out more about how they worked.

We also had time to visit the National Museum of Computing and saw a Tunny machine and a reconstruction of Colossus.

This day trip really put into context the history of computing and the driving forces behind the rapid developments in decryption of military communications.


Finally the funds you so generously gave have also allowed us to purchase a permanent Pro Licence for Brain Scape which we use in Computer Science (and across school) to generate flash card based revision packs for all year groups. The principle is that students are asked a question then click to see the answer and rate how well they feel they knew the answer. The questions they rate highly reappear less often while those they give a low rating to appear again more often. This reinforces the areas where they are weakest.


  • Clevedon School students helped by PB funding
    6 Jul 2018
      Due to the generous donation received from PB Design we have been able to do the following:   Take 14 year 8 girls and 1 year 10 girl to see The Ada Show ( at The Red Maids’ High School in Bristol....    Read more
  • PB Donate to Lions Brass4YouthPB Donate to Lions Brass4Youth
    4 Jun 2018
    Lions Brass 4 Youth is North Somerset's County Youth Brass Band, for new and improving brass musicians. The Band is open to new members with or without music experience. Opportunities exist to play the full range of Brass Band instruments, and percussion...    Read more
  • PB Design backs Children's Hospice South WestPB Design backs Children's Hospice South West
    1 May 2017
    As an employee owned business, PB Design are committed to supporting the wider community. When we polled our partners to ask which charities the company should support, the overwhelming response was to support local children or cancer charities. Hearing...    Read more
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