Wall Mount Distribution

Our wall mount distribution panels are designed around your needs:

  • Fuse (red spot) or MCB.
  • Fuse ratings 20, 32, 63 or 100A available.
  • DC voltages up to 220V
  • Floating, positive or negative earth.
  • Lockable front cabinet.
  • Maintenance socket.
  • Incomer isolator.
  • Choice of enclosures and colours.
Wallmount Distribution Boards

Our DC distribution panels complement our DC chargers for those that don’t wish to house the distribution within the charger. This allows for easier charger replacement should your requirements change over the years such as requiring a larger standing load for new or additional equipment.

All DC distribution panels are designed and manufactured at our facility in Clevedon, UK. Protection can be provided with red spot fused or MCBs and each circuit labelled to your requirements.

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