NiCad Main Benefits

  • Narrow voltage window.
  • Fast recharge.
  • Easy to handle, easy to use.
  • Long-life: 20+ years.
  • Reliable operating up to + 40° C (+104 F°).
  • Can hold charge up to 2 during while stored.

Alcad Vantex Range

PB Design is a trusted partner of Alcad, a world leading manufacturer of NiCad batteries for industrial applications.

Alcad is a trusted leader in the development and manufacturing of high-power, single-cell NiCad batteries, ranging from 9Ah to 1690 Ah. The Single Cell HC/HB Ni-Cd battery range is designed for high-current demand over shorter periods, such as those typical of UPS and starting application. For high-power NiCad batteries with outstanding performance and use for periods of around 30 minutes or below, Alcad’s solutions are world leading.

Operating under a wide range of temperatures, the Single Cell LCE / LB makes it the one of choice for many applications requiring a reliable source of energy over long discharge periods. Otherwise if your applications require sustained electrical loads for between 30 minutes to 3 hours with variable discharge rates, you can choose the Single Cell MC/HB. It is perfect for switchgear and backup.

Benefits of single-cell Ni-Cd batteries include a long-life extending 20+ years, resistance to electrical abuse, shock and vibration, a low life-cycle cost, and operation over a wide range of temperatures.

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