Floor Mount Distribution

  • Our floor mount distribution panels are designed around your needs:
    • Fuse (red spot) or MCB.
    • Fuse ratings 20, 32, 63 or 100A available.
    • DC voltages up to 220V
    • Floating, positive or negative earth.
    • Maintenance socket.
    • 19″ floor mount rack configuration.
Charger & Distribution Suite

Often as part of a charger suite, our floor mount distribution panels complement our DC charger systems for large systems requiring a large number of distribution ways. Each distribution board is custom designed to your requirements.

Our floor mount distribution boards can also be fitted with either:

  • Battery load monitor. This will monitor the battery and/or load voltage and current. This can alarm when key settings out are out of limits. In addition, battery temperature monitoring and centre point monitoring can be performed. Alarm relay outputs are available for SCADA monitoring.
  • Battery/load volt monitor. This will display the volts/current for the distribution and alarm if the load voltage is out of limits. Two remote relay outputs are available for SCADA.


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