While PB Design supply both AC and DC standby systems that use all the major battery types, we can also supply batteries as stand alone items. We will be happy to quote for your battery requirements whatever the type and rating. We can also offer a free check to see if the battery you have installed still meets your power stand-by requirements using battery sizing software that meets the IEEE 485 standard. In addition we can provide these as supply only, or can deal with all the issues associated with installation, commissioning and removal of any old units from your site.

Group of industrial batteries.


Industrial batteries

We offer a complete range of industrial sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries from leading manufacturers such as Enersys, Yuasa and Fiamm.

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Plante battery cells

Our Plante battery offering provide longevity for the most challenging of applications.

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PB Design is proud to offer Alcad NiCad batteries as part of our offering.

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Battery Suppliers

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We supply both Lead Acid and Nickel Cadmium batteries. Products include:

  • Planté Lead Acid
  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA, also referred to as Sealed Lead Acid or SLA)
  • Vented Nickel Cadmium
  • Valve Regulated Nickel Cadmium (also referred to as Ulta-Low Maintentance Nickel Cadmium)

PB Design is recognised as a leader in the design, manufacture and application of standby power systems. Since its foundation in 1979, the company has developed a leading-edge range of battery chargers and uninterruptible power supplies covering a full range of AC and DC standby power requirements.

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