Recognised as Leaders in Standby Power Solutions
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Battery chargers, UPS, batteries and system servic

Recognised as a market leader for standby power solutions

Since its foundation in 1979, PB Design has worked ceaselessly to develop and bring to the market a full range of battery chargers, UPS, batteries and system services for all types of AC and DC standby applications.

Standby Power Solutions

Recognised as a market leader for standby power solutions

With standby power solutions from 2A up to 400A, standard and bespoke designs, PB Design is a recognised leader. We aim to work closely with your engineering team to deliver solutions to your exacting requirements. 

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Dedication to customer care.

Our total commitment to customer care is reflected in an enviable level of repeat business from an ever-expanding customer base.

eCoHARGE - Cost Effective BTU

eCoHARGE - Cost Effective BTU

Our new eCoHARGE battery tripping units are available from stock with DC voltages of 24, 30, 48 and 110V and 4Ah battery. 


Moving towards a sustainable future. 

With 175kW of solar panels powering our Clevedon factory, PB Design continues to move to Net Zero. 

Portable Battery Chargers

Portable Battery Chargers Information

  • Output voltages: 24, 48, 110VDC
  • Single phase input supply
  • Current ratings from 24V 25A, 48V 25A, and 110V 10A
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for vented or valve regulated lead acid (also referred to as sealed lead acid), as well as vented or valve regulated nickel cadmium batteries
  • Digital meter showing voltage or current
  • Micro-processor based alarm controller

Based around modern switch mode technology, our range of highly portable high power output battery chargers provide a compact design and are ideally suited for temporary battery charging requirements. Available as a mains operated device, this portable charger is ideally suited for service and maintenance applications where constant trickle charge of a battery is required during either routine maintenance or as emergency support of a critical battery system.

PB Design portable battery chargers are available with 24V, 48V or 110V DC output and are supplied with mains supply and battery connection leads.

Using our portable charger means your battery is protected by a highly sophisticated micro-processor based controller, monitoring high and low volts, and earth faults. The easy to read and operate built-in digital multi-meter displays either volts or current.

PB Design has installed and commissioned its DC switch tripping/closing systems in electrical substations around the UK and worldwide for the past 40 years, in environments ranging from equatorial deserts to arctic tundra. The systems have justifiably earned a reputation for the highest reliability, availability and performance levels, even in these extremely hostile environments.

PB Design is recognised as a leader in the design, manufacture and application of standby power systems. Since its foundation in 1979, the company has developed a leading edge range of battery chargers and uninterruptible power supplies covering a full range of AC and DC standby power requirements.

Let’s start a new back-up power project together! Call us on +44 1275 874411 or email [email protected] to discuss your project in detail.

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